Expand your business to Taiwan: Company Registration, Accounting, Tax, & Payroll Services

Our Services


  • Financial Accounting Services to foreign owned businesses in Xiamen Area and Mainland China:
    • Set up of foreign owned businesses in Xiamen Area and Mainland China.
    • Work permit application for staff and managers.
    • Accounting, bookkeeping and payment handling based on web-based electronic authorization system.
    • Payroll transfer, handling of health and labor insurances.
    • Filing tax returns in Xiamen Area and Mainland China.
    • In addition to above, we have designed our own web-based electronic authorization system for our clients to use free-of-charge. This system allows personnel of a parent company to join the daily documentary approval process of their subsidiaries. We also cooperate with Taiwan-based and Asia-based banks to provide a secure web-based electronic authorization system that requires parent company personnel authorization before transferring payments.
  • WP (Work Permit) and ARC (Alien Resident Certificate) Service: WP and ARC application on behalf of local representative assigned by wholly-owned foreign entity in Xiamen Area such as representative office, branch, subsidiary or joint venture.
  • Legal service: Includes newly set up company, existing company amendment and special license application for both domestic and foreign owned enterprises.
  • Auditing: With financial auditing, tax auditing and due diligence.
  • Tax consultation: Involves tax planning and preparation for corporate and individual returns.
  • Internal control system design: Accounting system design, internal control system design, internal audit system design and budget system design to meet Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 requirements.
  • Business valuation and Intellectual property valuation: Business valuation, IP valuation, IP commercialization.
  • Public listing planning: Including preparation for Asian enterprises listing on the US OTCBB, AMEX and NASDAQ markets.
  • Mergers, acquisitions and restructuring: Deal structuring and drafting, due diligence, and CEO coaching after M&A.
  • MIS strategic planning and implementation: MIS strategic planning at all levels; ERP system implementation,Workflow electronic sign-up system, and Business Process Restructuring (BPR).
  • Business consulting: Covers management diagnosis, total operation analysis, business positioning, multi-times growth planning, value-based analysis based on Human Drive-Economic Value Added methodology (HD-EVAM), Salary and performance linking system based on HD-EVAM, computer skill validation System; and TOEIC validation system.
  • Financial planning: Including BOT (Build Operate Transfer) financial planning for governments; financial forecasting and prospectus drafting for private organizations.
  • US income tax return preparation: Includes filing of federal and state income tax returns for US citizens living abroad.
  • Individual tax planning for shareholders of listed companies: Includes financial recording, preparation of income tax, household asset planning, trust agreement drafting for shareholders; real estate trust agreement drafting.
  • Others: Including commercial, tax law and regulation training; accounting training service.


Services in Xiamen Area

Company registration,
Open bank account,
Work Permit and Visa application;
Online Accounting Services,
Payment Services,
Tax Compliance Services;
Payroll compliance Services,
Trademark Registration;
Due Diligence for M&A project,

Xiamen Company Setup

*International Tax Planning
*Company Registration
*Open Bank Account
*Work Permit Application
*Food and Drink Business Permit and License Application
*Medical Devise Business Permit and License Application
*ICP (Internet Content Provider) Permit and License Application

Xiamen Online Accounting

We act as your in-house accountant supported by cloud accounting and payroll system.
We are a member of LEA and IAPA.
Our affiliated companies are located at major cities in Southern China area.
We are featured in providing services to the overseas entities of MNC (Multi-National-Companies) parent companies.

Xiamen Payroll Compliance

*Labor Law Regulation compliance audit.
*Evershine use online payroll relevant 4-in-1 System support our services:
-GPS-Clock or on-site Face-ID-Clock;
-Leave system ; Overtime System;
-Payroll Parameter Collection System;
-payroll gross to net calculation
*Pay salary through internet Banking Function.